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Knit Fabric for T-Shirt in Printed Blue Color

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What is Knit Fabric? – An Overview

Knitting, the technique of looping or meshing yarns, produces knit fabric, a type of textile. Its characteristics set it apart from woven fabric since it is more flexible and easy to cut into tiny pieces, which makes it perfect for clothing and accessories like socks and hats. Compared to woven materials, they are more breathable and comfortable to wear.

Simple knitted fabrics are less stable than regular woven fabrics since any strain applied to them will never be along the yarn’s line but will instead cause the loop structure to deform, allowing for unlimited stretching. In addition, this straightforward construction may be simply disassembled from the top down. When a loop-forming piece of yarn snaps, it instantly releases the loops, which causes a ladder-like structure to form that swiftly widens and lengthens under stress. The use of basic knitted fabrics for clothing was constrained by their fragility.

Knitted Fabric – Where can it be used?

Men’s and women’s T-shirts, palazzo pants, pyjamas, children’s knitwear, and men’s bottom wear like Bermuda shorts can be made from knit fabric.

Knit Fabric – Features

Fiber or filament: type, size, length.

Yarn: diameter, twist, weight or size.

Weight: ounces per squared or yards.

Thickness: vertical depth.

Knitting Material – Applications

Woven fabrics: weave type, warp.

Knitted fabric: knit type, wale and course.

Finishes: chemicals such as resins.

Calendaring and napping applied to the woven fabric.

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